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GDUSA - People to watch: Robert Scully

Senior Design Director FAI Design Group, Irvington NY

Robert began his career after graduating from Parsons School of Design by working in many areas from animation to web and software design. He focused his talent into his work in brand development working primarily with private brands. He thrives on helping brands tell their story. Robert has been the Senior Design Director at FAI Design Group for over 15 years. In that time, he has helped build and expand the agency’s creative vision and culture. He has created packaging design and retail design solutions for a variety of brands and retailers including Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Kenneth Cole, Marvel, PepsiCo, Samsung, BuyBuyBABY, Bed Bath & Beyond, HomeGoods and Walmart, to name a few. He is a collaborative, hands-on designer who believes that working in a team environment helps drive stronger designs and better results. Robert has received many awards for his designs, and also has been published in several design books. In his spare time, he is an accomplished children’s book illustrator and author.

THE FUTURE OF THE GRAPHIC DESIGN BUSINESS? I am excited about the future of retail packaging and store environmental design. With the retail landscape changing every minute and the impact of e-commerce, new trends have started to effect how brands are positioned. We are given a new set of challenges but also a great opportunity to create brands not bound by retail shelves. They must stay consistent to be recognizable across different media yet be flexible enough to adapt quickly to ever changing consumer needs.


A DESIGN HERO? Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Raymond Loewy

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA? Instagram (Twitter is a close second)

FAVORITE TELEVISION BINGE WATCH? At the moment, Mindhunter and The Toys That Made Us

FAVORITE PODCAST? Don’t have one

FAVORITE BOOK? Non-Fiction: Outliers – The Story of Success Fiction: Time Traveler’s Wife Children’s Book: The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

FAVORITE MOVIE? Live Action: Fight Club Animation: The Nightmare Before Christmas

FAVORITE FINE ARTIST? Basquiat and René Magritte

FAVORITE CAUSE/CHARITY? Preventing child abuse

FAVORITE FREE TIME ACTIVITY? Hanging with my wife and children, and making children’s books

IF YOU WERE NOT A DESIGNER? Author or Civil Engineer/Highway Designer

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